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  • Liz Truss Brand Memes – Lettuce Take A Look!

    After 45 days as Prime Minister, Liz Truss’s resignation was finally announced. The shortest time served by any prime minister! Well… at least she accomplished something  Previous to that it was George Canning who served less than 4 months (119 days) before his unexpected death from pneumonia. Fortunately for us though, Twitter has been rife…

  • Solo Ads – The Ultimate Guide To Buying Solo Ad Traffic

    Let’s take a deep dive into Solo Ads and show you exactly how you can make solo ads work for your business. Fun Fact: Solo Ads is what I used to make over $250,000 in a single year and is responsible for my first $100 a day online business which took me just 6 weeks to…


    Email Marketing It’s time to upgrade your email marketing game! Stand out from your competitors and keep your brand game strong through all of the platform touch points with your audiences. In this short tutorial I’m going to run through how you can turn this…. Into this… Plus some extra tips to get even more…

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